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Key pic2shop features:
works on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
works on Android with or without autofocus
searches thousands of online and local stores
checks public libraries near you
ultra-fast and reliable
each scan is a web page that you can share
reads and uses QR codes
also in French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Danish!
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About pic2shop®

Pic2shop is the original barcode scanner on the App Store. Today, it is still one of the few apps capable of reading barcodes on all iPhone and Android models, even without autofocus. But it is not just a reliable barcode scanner: pic2shop's database contains tens of millions of products from thousands of retailers, online and local, so you know if you're getting the best price. You can even check if a book is available at your local library!

Pic2shop is web-based and open. Web sites contain all sorts of interesting product information. You can visit them right from inside the app. And we will keep adding useful links as we discover them. Do not hesitate toemail us your suggestions!

All the results you see in pic2shop can be accessed from any computer. Just email yourself the link, bookmark your list of scans, or share a scan on Facebook or Twitter to ask your friends' opinion.

Pic2shop is developed byVision Smarts.