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         <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
             function trygoogle() {
             // launch pic2shop and tell it to open Google Products with scan result
         <h2>Pic2shop Callback Demo</h2>
         <div class="intro">
             This demo launches the <em>free</em> pic2shop barcode scanner, then searches Google Products with the UPC. 
             In a real setting:
                 <li>the call back would be to your own web application</li>
                 <li>the scan button would only be shown to iPhone/Android users</li>
            <INPUT TYPE=BUTTON OnClick="trygoogle();" VALUE="Scan Barcode">
         <div class="refs">
             See the <a href="scan_source.html">source code</a>.
             Check out the <a href="https://www.pic2shop.com/developers.html">developers' page</a>.