Pic2shop Privacy Policy

Pic2shop® does not make you create an account, nor does it even offer that option. It does not handle any of your private information.

Pic2shop accesses your device's camera to scan barcodes. All the image processing occurs on the device, no image captured by Pic2shop ever leaves your device.

Pic2shop sometimes accesses your address book to add contact information from a QR code. The app never transmits that information anywhere outside your device.

The Pic2shop app (not "Pic2shop Pro") transmits the following information about the scan ("scan data") to our servers when you scan a barcode:
  1. the barcode digits,
  2. the device model and operating system version,
  3. the version number of the app,
  4. an anonymous app-specific device ID used to identify your copy of the app and keep your scans together,
  5. the current language, locale, and app settings,
  6. the IP address and GPS coordinates of the device,
  7. the device advertising identifier, following Apple's and Google's guidelines.
Some of the scan data is shared at the time of the scan with the companies that provide product information, affiliate links, and advertisements. None of that data is later shared with, sold, or rented to any other third party.

"Pic2shop Pro" transmits the information of your choice to the locations you specify in the "Home URL" and "Lookup URL" configuration, and nowhere else.

The app uses the industry standard Fabric/Crashlytics SDK to track bugs and app usage. The data sent to Fabric's servers do not include any of your personal information or scan information.