Pic2shop PRO is a user-configurable version of pic2shop. It is the most economical way to build a barcode scanner app for your business.

Implement the functionality you need as a web application. Then configure the URLs of your web application in pic2shop PRO: one for the app launch, one for barcode scans. Finally, use pic2shop PRO to scan barcodes, transmit the code to your server, and interact with the results.

Just like Safari, the embedded web browser supports HTML5, CSS, cookies, javascript, https, etc. You can quickly and inexpensively build a rich barcode scanning app for your own or your company's use. For example, give your employees access to a product information or an asset tracking app on their iPhone, over the internet or your intranet.

Pic2shop PRO (like pic2shop) reads EAN-13 and UPC-A barcodes (the ones found on virtually all retail packages and books).

The app can be configured for many users, by sending them a specially formatted link. Each user can be identified by including an extra parameter in the URLs.

Please note that we do not provide the hosting service nor the web application. You are responsible for developing the web application and hosting it on your own server.

Key benefits are:
    Fast and accurate barcode scanner
    Supports iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4
    No licence costs, no app development costs
    Leverages your in-house web development expertise
    Configured easily even for many users
In order to configure pic2shop PRO quickly for many users, send each user a link by email or via a web page. When they click the link after they have installed pic2shop PRO, the app will launch and the three parameters will be set automatically. The link has the form:


where any special character in lookupURL and homeURL is replaced by its % encoding. For example, to make pic2shop PRO lookup the UPC database:


Pic2shop PRO will replace the strings "EAN" or "UPC" with the barcode digits.

We look forward to the creative uses you will make of pic2shop PRO. Do not hesitate to drop us a line at
support@pic2shop.com to tell us about it.