Pic2shop in the News:

"The first to enable barcode reading on the iPhone" (Christmas shopping with your smartphone)

Rhodri Marsden, The Independent

"Do a quick bar code scan with pic2shop to make sure you are getting a deal" (8 Tech Tools for Black Friday Deals)

Jared Newman, PC World

"The live (i.e. real-time) barcode scanning is seriously cool" (
Five iPhone Apps that can save you money)

Rick Broida, CNET Reviews

"If you're out shopping and spot something you want to buy, but are not sure if you could get it much cheaper elsewhere, this one's for you" (
Mobile software overload)

Stewart Meagher, TheInquirer.net

"For books, it works very, very well. (...) One zap of pic2shop later, and I discovered that Amazon sold it for £22.50 or thereabouts, so it never made it from the hand to the trolley" (pic2shop - an iPhone app that I have fallen in love with)

Mark Harrison

Some recent App Store reviews:

Works quickly and saved me money the first day. A must have program.
(dinoRach - Version 3.20 - Mar 29, 2010)

Great App
While shopping at a large electronics store I downloaded the app and it saved me $20 of my purchase by listing other stores with cheaper prices which was matched by the store. Instant savings and for free. It doesn't get any better.
(svcaramia - Version 3.20 - Mar 26, 2010)

Works almost always
Really great app. Super convenient compared to driving, to shop around, or even faster and more accurate than typing or speaking to Google.
(Geo55 - Version 3.20 - Mar 22, 2010)

Really Hip
Works great, I love it. Really helps when searching for nuggets at thrift stores and book shops.
(Bigwave Daddy - Verson 3.11 - Mar 5, 2010)

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